Rainbow in the Community

At Rainbow Services, we are committed to working towards community benefits and support of local initiatives. We understand the importance of the local community and are committed to creating opportunities for employment as part of the contract delivery.

We will work in partnership with local people and other appropriate local agencies in supplying targeted training and in having a recruitment initiative offering employment opportunities to the long term unemployed.

Part of our company ethos is to employ local people for local areas. As per our quality assurance system, our targeted recruitment programme will be monitored, audited, and achieved outcomes will be communicated through our social media networks and our regular newsletter.


Get On Your Bike

Get On Your Bike is an initiative to get team members on Rainbow Bikes with safety equipment. This is part of our strategic plan in environmental sustainability.

Skype Services

Working with clients and team to use technology as a form of communication. Supporting clients to be able to talk to long distance family and friends, and talk to the office, rather than on the phone.

High Street Hub

Our High Street Hub in Ayr launched in 2014, and provides information and support to individuals who require a services or are acting on behalf of someone else.

The Apprentice

At Rainbow, we know that apprentices are our future. We have recently employed two apprentices – one as a Homecarer completing a Level 2 SVQ in Homecare, and another completing an SVQ in Business Admin and Microsoft Computer Technology.

Football Team

For the last 5 years we have sponsored a local youth football team, and at present, two of the originals boys are now trying out for one of the large football teams.